Motiondesign for Mercedes GLK webspecial

In 2008 Till Nowak designed and animated a series of motion designs for the Mercedes-Benz GLK
online campaign. The animations are based on real camera footage and included in five short documentaries.
They are directed by Jan Litzinger and produced by FischerAppelt tv media.
You can find the full movies here. The music comes from the fabulous Zerb.

In the original documentaries each sequences is commented and related to a special context.
Here you can see the meaning of each sequences:

The first sequence shows one of the early design drafts from Mercedes which was based on round forms.

Then they began to think more edgy...

Finally they came up with this very sharp and powerful design, expressed by the rocky sequence.

This sequence symbolizes the approach of using wood as a volume and not as a flat panel within the interior design.

Driving in a "moving fortress".

A stream of analysis data is created during the test drive.

These floating lines are the street map of the test drive course in Papenburg.

This sequence is presented in context with the importance of the wheels in car design

"More than 600 individual color codes were used in the interior"

This is an imaginative illustration of the data explosion created by a security crash test.

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