"TOFU" is an animation rendered in 4000px width. Simulated physical forces are influencing 5000 digital cubes.
The 3D space becomes the canves on which the forces work like a brush using the cubes as their ink.

All Renderings © Till Nowak
Music by Andreas & Matthias Hornschuh

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uncropped anim.
(1/4 resolution
of original)

[div-x 24MB]

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"Tofu" is an animation created by Till Nowak to experiment with the possibilities of moving screens.
It basically is an high resoluted particle animation (rendered more than 4000px wide). The screen movements are used to
"uncover" parts of the entire animation. The Music comes from Andreas & Matthias Hornschuh.

Fotos by courtesy of Victory Media Network

"Victory Media Network" is building a revolutionary large-scale video installation, located at "Victory Park" in Dallas, USA.
One main part of this installation are high resolution screens which are motorized to move along the building
. The works of many
different artists from all over the world will be screened there. Check out Victory Media Network
for more information.

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moving screen

[high div-x 20MB]

[medium WMV 21MB]

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