In 2011 the Norwegian electronica project Pjusk (signed to the US label 12k) teamed up with the German digital artist Till Nowak to create an artistic music video. As a base for Nowaks digital visual extensions they were given the chance to use aerial footage by Fuglefjellet, a Norwegian design and production company.

Directed by Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik and Till Nowak
Visuals: T
ill Nowak. Music: Pjusk. Aerial footage: Fuglefjellet AS

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"The video shows earth and nature, but in a dreamlike, manipulated version, playing with the sense of scale by creating a confusion between immense and small spaces. You sometimes think you are looking at someting microscopic, like a chemical process, but at the same time you are looking at something gigantic. So it plays with the thought of how small we are. When I listen to the music of Pjusk I think it sounds like the noise our planet would make if it was a living being and the visuals are reflecting these sensations."

Pjusk: www.pjusk.no
Till Nowak: www.framebox.com
Fuglefjellet: www.fuglefjellet.no

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